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Camera Tripods (51 companies found)

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  • Miller Camera Support

    HD: Heavy Duty 2 Stage 100mm Carbon Fibre Tripod (925): The HD tripod range features adjustable flip locks for quick setup and easy maintenance. The 925 tripod is built with the strength and torsional rigidity to take the full ENG/EFP workload in extreme climates. This 2 Stage 100mm tripod is the most popular HD tripod in the Miller range with...
  • Aaron & Le Duc

    Award winning creative staff dedicated to assisting clients in concept to completion and start to finish production, post production and HD, 2K,4K production equipment rental. Since 1982 Greg Le Duc and his associates have provided production services along with state of the art gear to...
  • Frezzi Energy Systems div of Frezzolini Electronics Inc.

    Frezzi HMI Super Sun Gun Kits: Frezzi’s 200W & 400W HMI Super Sun Gun Lights are engineered for news gathering and on location productions to produce a wide, smooth, flat optical field of light output that’s unmatched for their size and weight categories. The 200W HMI rivals most 400W HMI units in the field today...
  • Glidecam Industries, Inc.

    Glidecam Industries Inc. offers a wide variety of camera stabilizers for use with video cameras. These hand-held and body-mounted camera stabilizers create super smooth shots, and allow the operator to walk, run, go up and down stairs, shoot from moving vehicles, and travel over uneven terrain...
  • Innovision Optics Inc

    Creative Ways of Imaging! Specialized lenses for HD and HDV cameras, remote control heads and tracking systems, and unique camera support equipment like the Z jib and Polly miniature "flywheel" dolly.
  • Barbizon Lighting Company

    Barbizon Lighting Company specializes in sales and service of equipment for Houses of Worship, Live Productions, Performing Arts, Themed Environments, Film and Television. We are an industry leader based on our knowledgeable staff, quality products and our on-going commitment to customer...
  • Cinekinetic

    Cinesaddle is a camera mount that enables the camera operator to attach film and video cameras to any moving or still object. Packaged with an accessory kit, Cinesaddle functions as a car, motorcycle, helicopter, boat, and bicycle mount as well as a tripod replacement. Cinesaddles are...
  • Bencher, Inc.

  • Manfrotto Distribution, Inc.

  • J.L. Fisher Inc

    Camera dollies & accessories, audio booms & jib arms.