Product Spotlight
  • Available from BCD Associates, Inc.

    Truly a versatile High Definition Video Recorder with DVD-video capabilities. Featuring Multiple Encoding technologies (MP4 & MPEG-2), 1920x1080 resolution, and available Removable Hard Drive and Slot-Load DVD recorder. Inputs include HDMI, Component, and HDMI. Serial and TCP/IP Remote,... Read More
  • Available from Videohelper, Inc.

    ScoreHelper: a library of original, full-length cinematic soundtracks that cover the range of film scores, from huge Hollywood orchestral blockbusters, to Indie label Alt-Folk, to experimental sound design, to reality TV Docudrama – even to recreations of vintage scores. With one big... Read More
Top Companies
  • For commercial, industrial, military and government video recording, BCD's HDi Series offers High Definition Video Recording from multiple sources: HDMI, Component, Composite. Additionally, DVD Recording is built-in. With a wide array of options, the HDi Series has bi-directional RS-232,... Read More
  • VideoHelper is the worst-named music and sound design library ever. But that doesn't stop us from creating high functioning trailer and promo-centric production music. From the first note to the last, we infuse every one of our 5,700+ cuts with user-friendly features that allow each cut to sound... Read More