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Product Spotlight
  • Available from Stephen Arnold Music

    The Vault, by Stephen Arnold Music, is a deep catalog of custom produced and curated music. Every track has the highest production value and was either an artist’s original creation, painstakingly written and recorded for commercial release, or custom-quality music designed for a major broadcast... Read More
  • Available from BCD Associates, Inc.

    Truly a versatile High Definition Video Recorder with DVD-video capabilities. Featuring Multiple Encoding technologies (MP4 & MPEG-2), 1920x1080 resolution, and available Removable Hard Drive and Slot-Load DVD recorder. Inputs include HDMI, Component, and HDMI. Serial and TCP/IP Remote,... Read More
  • Available from Videohelper, Inc.

    ScoreHelper: a library of original, full-length cinematic soundtracks that cover the range of film scores, from huge Hollywood orchestral blockbusters, to Indie label Alt-Folk, to experimental sound design, to reality TV Docudrama – even to recreations of vintage scores. With one big... Read More
Top Companies
  • For commercial, industrial, military and government video recording, BCD's DVD-1150 DVD Recorder series offers a wide array of options. The DVD-1150 is equipped for bi-directional RS-232, USB, and optionally Webserver control. Loop-thru RS-232 permits multiple machine control of up to 100... Read More
  • Stephen Arnold Music is widely regarded as the leading provider of original and syndicated music to the broadcasting industry, with its musical compositions heard daily in more than 100-million American homes on 300 television stations and numerous broadcast and cable TV networks. Read More
  • VideoHelper is the worst-named music and sound design library ever. But that doesn't stop us from creating high functioning trailer and promo-centric production music. From the first note to the last, we infuse every one of our 5,700+ cuts with user-friendly features that allow each cut to sound... Read More